ERCOT warns about tight power grid conditions this summer

ERCOT warns about tight power grid conditions this summer

The agencies in charge of the Texas power grid gave a sobering warning about their ability to make sure there’s enough electricity to meet demands this summer. The Public Utility Commission and Electric Reliability Council of Texas both said their models show a possible shortage of supply in "extreme summer conditions."

Power Now, a subsidiary of Power Solutions Specialists TX (PSS), has partnered with OmniMetrix, LLC to help homeowners install next-generation standby generators and earn compensation for offering grid relief, known as “demand response,” to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). OmniMetrix, a provider of IoT remote monitoring and control technology that is necessary to enable this capability, partnered with PSS last year to provide monitoring services to Briggs and Stratton back-up power generators sold by PSS.

Under the new program, Power Now and PSS can install standby generators at a lower price point for residential customers that participate in the ERCOT demand response program, providing homeowners both the peace of mind of reliable power during weather events, as well as meaningful financial benefits.

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The program was formed by OmniMetrix and its partner, CPower Energy Management (“CPower”), a leading, national energy solutions provider. CPower’s demand response solutions, combined with OmniMetrix’s remote control capabilities, allow the shifting of electricity production to PSS’s best-in-class residential standby generators for a few hours each year when the grid is stressed or ERCOT energy pricing is high, without the homeowner needing to take any action. Homeowners are compensated just for signing up and possibly supplying grid offload by running their generators for up to 12 hours per year.

Brian Northway, CEO of PSS, commented, “We know that Texans are concerned about their family’s well-being and comfort being impacted by weather events that can cause prolonged outages in their homes. Working with OmniMetrix and CPower, we can offer this demand response solution that makes our standby generators a more affordable option, while also supporting the stability of the grid for our neighbors and community.”

Dan Hess, Vice President of Sales at OmniMetrix, said, “We are excited to extend our relationship with PSS to bring added value to their customers through demand response. This program, developed with CPower, enables residential customers to secure a competitively priced, fully managed, and reliable generator by agreeing to help the grid. Our remote monitoring and control technology ensures that generators operate when needed, so homeowners won’t even notice when their electricity load is moved from the grid to their generator. It’s a win-win for all parties.”

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