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NEIF Energy Plus Improvement Plan

We Now Offer Special Financing
for Home Energy Improvements!

Power Solutions Specialist is proud to be a NEIF-Approved Contractor for Home Energy Improvements! If you’re looking to improve your home energy usage and prefer financing your residential standby generator, we’re here to help!

When you give your home a boost in efficiency, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and increased comfort at a lower cost through the National Energy Improvement Fund. Through this offer you get access to extremely affordable low monthly payments, which will be offset by your annual energy savings. NEIF will finance 100% of your energy improvements, up to $25,000, and provide a true fixed rate, and fixed monthly payment.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to see how much you’ll save with a NEIF financed upgrade. You can also apply today by clicking the button below.

Our budget plan allows you to pay for your oil the same way you pay for your insurance or cell phone service — in equal monthly installments.

Here’s how it works: we look at your past annual fuel expenses to determine your total fuel cost for the next year; we then divide that total into 10 monthly payments; you begin paying in the summer; and you pay the same amount each month, until the 10 month term ends and we settle up for the season.

There’s no easier way to pay for home heating, and best of all, your payments won’t spike in the winter, no matter how much fuel you need to use.

With a fixed price protection plan, you lock in your per-gallon oil price at one set amount and continue to pay that amount for the entire heating season, no matter what happens to the retail price.

This way, you never have to worry about changes in demand or fluctuations in the market. Instead, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your per-gallon price will always be the same. The only downside is that if the retail price drops below your fixed price, you still have to pay the fixed price.

The pre-buy option allows homeowners to make one payment that covers their entire year’s heating expenses. You agree to receive a set amount of oil gallons throughout the year and pay one upfront cost. After that, you won’t have to think about fuel prices again until next year.

Click the links and video below to learn more about the NEIF Energy Plus Improvement Plan loan.