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Standby Residential Generator Installation & Replacement
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A leader in standby residential generator installation & replacement .

Power Solutions Specialist specializes in generator installation and old generator replacement. We install gas and propane generators from Briggs & Stratton. We can ensure that all of your electronic devices are connected to the system so you don’t lose power to anything when the power goes out. 

Keep the lights on during the next big storm or freeze in Texas. Reach out to start the process of installing a home generator today!

Avoid the pitfalls of power outages

When the power goes out, you could run into all kinds of trouble. A power outage can ruin your food, leave you in discomfort, and put you in danger. Investing in a new generator will ensure that your home always has power. A generator can:

  • Keep your appliances, such as your refrigerator or your AC, running
  • Allow you to turn on any lights at any time
  • Keep your house secure by running a security system

When you need a generator replacement, you can count on us to provide the installation you need. Set a date for installation by dialing 832-448-0478 now.

Don't End Up In The Dark!

Nobody wants to deal with a power outage; they’re inconvenient and can cause a lot of problems for your home. With a generator, you can have a reliable source of power for your home so you do not have to dread the next power outage!


Home Generator Benefits

  • Comfort Owning a standby generator provides you with the comfort of knowing that your family's life will be uninterrupted, no matter what the weather brings.
  • Protection for Unforseen Events Avoid unexpected costs that occur when a home sits without power, including hotel stays, food losses, or water damage.
  • Save on Insurance Costs Reduce your homeowners insurance rate by keeping your home's lights and security system running, deterring potential home theft when you're away.
  • Increased Home Value Build equity fast, a recent study by showed standby generators increase home resale values by 52.7% of the cost of the system.
  • Peace of Mind That Fits Your Budget Finance your home generator purchase and make affordable monthly payments.
  • Contact Us Today Contact out team today to discuss having a generator installed at your home.

The Power Solutions Specialist Installation Process

The process starts with an on-site consultation. To insure we understand our customers needs, this on-site visit is crucial to the process for the following information:

  • Electrical size of the home
  • Heating and air conditioning needs
  • Placement of generator
  • Gas and Electrical requirement
  • Size of generator

The installation process starts with the proper permitting for the project. Then, prepping the area where the commercial or residential standby generator will be located. A concrete slab will then be poured to meet manufacturers’ specifications including stub ups for all electrical connections.

Once your concrete has cured, the generator can be put into place. How we put it into place is determined by the size of your generator. A custom made delivery cart is used for most of the air-cooled generators and a crane for bigger liquid cooled generators.

Once the generator is in place, its’ the plumbers and excavators turn. We’ll hand dig all the trenches for the plumbing and electrical to the generator and install the piping. After an underground inspection, we make the connections from the generator to the natural gas source. If the job requires propane, we’ll provide the pressure and BTU requirements to your propane supplier, to aid them in making the connections to the generator.

Now it’s the electricians turn. We bolt the unit to the concrete slab. With the generator in place, it’s now time for our electrician to install all of the electrical needed for the generator to take over when the Utility power fails. The transfer switch will then be mounted on the wall and all conduits will be connected together. All electrical wires will be pulled through the conduit. At this time we’ll cut off all electricity to your home or business. Electricity will be off for about an hour. Once all electric connections are made, we’ll restore your power.

All connections are made at the generator and proper gas pressure will be set using a regulator. At this point we’ll hook up the battery. Once this is done, we are ready to start the generator.

We’ll perform a “start up” on your generator. A start up consists of making sure the generator is running at peak performance and testing for proper voltage and frequency. (Only a qualified technician should attempt this.)

When your generator is running properly, we’re ready to transfer load to the generator. We simulate an utility outage and let the generator start and take control of the load.  As a load is applied, we’ll continue to monitor the voltage and frequency as well as watch the amps that your home or business is pulling. Once the “start up” has been finished, we install the monitoring system that all us to stay up to date on the health of your generator. A proper monitoring system is key to having your generator ready for when you need it most. Finally, all warranty and registration paperwork will be filled out and sent to the manufacturer.

Now you are prepared for the next time Mother Nature strikes!

The time needed for installation will depend on many factors: the authorizations and permitting, the size of your generator and equipment, the number of engineers needed to install it, the inspectors’ schedules, and the weather.

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Our expert technicians are ready to assist you with all your home generator needs. To schedule your new generator installation, contact us today!


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Gnerator Support

Providing warranty repair services for over 20 years!

If you have a generator warranty and something goes wrong with your unit, Power Now can visit your property to solve the problem at no cost to you. We have experience handling the repair and warranty claims on a variety of brand-name generators. We can work on generators from all brands, including Briggs and Stratton and Generac.

For generator warranty work, hire a crew with nearly 20 years of experience. Speak with us now to discuss your generator issues with a pro.

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  • 02 Date & time scheduled for service
  • 03 Repair & maintenance completed

Request your generator repair services today!

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Our generator had a "fail to start" condition. That same day, they scheduled a tech to come out and check the system..

Joel A.

Power Solutions Specialists installed my generator and does a fabulous job maintaining it. All of the staff/team are a delight to work.

Randy B.

So thankful we chose Power Solutions for our generator installation! Brian Northway and his team are Briggs & Stratton specialists and the.

Dawna D.

Love our generator. We are currently the only house with lights in our subdivision during this storm. Thank you Power Solutions Specialists.

Barb R.

Power Solutions has been very responsive to all of my questions and performed all install work professionally and on schedule…very satisfied with.

Bill W.
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