Another round of storms moving through the Houston area | May 2024

Another round of storms moving through the Houston area | May 2024

It's not over just yet as flash flood alerts continue warning residents across Southeast Texas of the possibility for rising waters and increased rainfall over the next few days. Some areas are already seeing water reach the tops rooftops but most areas are at the very least seeing the streets begin to flood.

HOUSTON, MAY 3rd, 2024 — There has been widespread flooding across Southeast Texas over recent days and according to KHOU 11 it’s not over. It looks like heavy rainfall is expected over the next few days widening an already dangerous flooding situation.

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There have already been numerous high-water rescues, with some being from the rooftops of flooded homes. Officials continue to echo urgent instructions for residents that live in low-lying areas, asking for them to evacuate and warning the worst has yet to come.

Over the past several weeks, extremely heavy rains across Texas and parts of Louisiana have begun filling reservoirs and saturating the ground. This week we’ve seen floodwaters partially submerge vehicles and raise in roads and streets across Southeastern Texas. Just north of Houston is where high waters reached the rooftops of some homes.

More Flooding

Per the Associated Press, more than 11 inches (28 centimeters) of rain fell during a 24 hour period that ended Friday morning in the northern Houston suburb of Spring, according to the National Weather Service, which has issued a flood warning until Tuesday for the region.

To stay updated with the current situation by following the local Channel 2, Click2Houston’s Flood Tracker by clicking here.

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