What the 2024 Hurricane Season Forecast means for Houston and Galveston

What the 2024 Hurricane Season Forecast means for Houston and Galveston

Colorado State University has released their most recent hurricane forecast. They predict a season that is sure to keep us all on our toes. It's best to start preparing now.

The newest hurricane forecast by Colorado State University came out this week, and it looks like we’re in for a busy storm season for 2024. Colorado State predicts: 23 tropical storms, with 11 of those becoming hurricanes and 5 of those becoming major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher). Compare that to the average of 14-7-3 and the season ahead is looking very similar to the busy 2020 season when we had with 30 tropical systems forming.

Houston Hurricane Season 2020 1

Looking at the 2020 season, which was wild and had us all on high alert. Look at September 14th of that year, we had two storms forming (the yellow and orange areas) amidst five more named tropical cyclones all at the same time!

There are several factors across the globe that support this forecast. For starters our sea surface temperatures are very warm this year. We also have record-setting water temperatures in the eastern and central Atlantic. We have had an El Niño pattern, but the forecast is a transition to La Niña conditions.

This is also more favorable for above-average tropical development in regards to wind shear. Remember, regardless of how many storms are forecast and form, it only takes one storm to make a big impact.

Per Click 2 Houston, “Even the revered CSU forecast makes the strongest of points: it only takes one storm to change your world. To that end, they have also issued a chart which forecasts the chances of landfall for tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes. This, to me, is really the important part of the forecast and it tends to be ignored by popular media. After all, we had 28 storms in 2005 and not one hit Texas (although RITA arguably caused as much havoc).

2024 Hurricane Forecast

In general, CSU is almost doubling our chances for tropical impacts this year.”

Read the full Click2Houston article here and learn more about the Colorado State University Hurricane Forecast here.

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